New product – Taurus EVIC commercial heat pump

The Taurus EVI heat pump is now available in an even more compact model – the Taurus EVIC.

The Taurus EVIC heat pump offers the same excellent technical features as our previous Taurus EVI model. The Taurus EVIC commercial heat pump use the latest technology to achieve the highest possible efficiency. The heat pump is equipped with economizer, which improves the refrigerant circuit’s heating output and efficiency, especially when the heating circuit operates at high temperatures.

The new Taurus EVIC heat pump is easier to haul and install. The EVIC is smaller and lighter than the EVI heat pump, so it is easier to haul and install. Fixed connection couplings also improve installation. Thanks to its small size, the Taurus EVIC can fit into lower installation spaces than the EVI model.

The Taurus EVIC heat pump also utilises several important structural solutions for noise control, making the machine as quiet as possible.

Taurus EVIC heat pump

  • Controller with IoT features
  • Two power classes: Taurus 80 EVIC – 74 kW and Taurus 110 EVIC – 95 kW
  • Two power levels:: Taurus 80 EVIC 37 and 74 kW (0/50) – Taurus 110 EVIC 49 and 98 kW (0/50)
  • Tandem with two compressors, high heating output, even at high condensation temperatures
  • Temperature levels
    • Maximum supply water temperature 0/+65°C
    • Recommended temperatures in the collector: -5–+20°C​
  • Equipped with economizer and a de-superheater
  • Refrigerant R410A, filling 10.4 kg
  • Recommended fuse size 3 x 80 A
  • External dimensions (L x W x H) 1150 x 760 x 1550 mm, weight 680 kg

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