Spot-price electricity control available for Aries heat pumps

A spot-price electricity control is now available for Gebwell Aries heat pumps designed for detached houses. At the moment, the spot-price electricity control service is available for Aries heat pumps located in Finland. By using the spot-price electricity control, the heating function of the heat pump can be controlled to be on when the hourly price of electricity is lower, shifting the consumption out of the peak hours.

The Gebwell Smart spot-price electricity control aims to optimise the operation of a heat pump based on the hourly spot price of electricity on the power exchange. A heat pump produces heating water for the property’s heating network based on the supply water setpoint. The spot-price electricity control adjusts the heat pump supply water setpoint; in practice, the setpoint is set lower when the price of electricity is high, and set higher when the price is low.

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