Heat pump accessories

Change-over valve set

The change-over valve set turns the water flow to heatingdomestic water or the water circulating in the heating system.

The change-over valve set includes the change-over valve and an actuator Accessory for the Gebwell T3 Inverter, Gemini Inverter, Taurus Inverter and Taurus 110 EVI heat pumps.

VV4 change-over valve set – suitable for: T3 Inverter and Gemini Inverter
VV5 change-over valve set – suitable for: Gemini Inverter, Taurus Inverter Pro and Taurus 110 EVI

Circulation pump set for domestic water

Circulation pump set for domestic hot water circulation.

The circulation pump set contains the water circulation pump, pump valve and line adjustment valve.

DHW shunt

DHW shunt transfers heat from accumulator tank to heat domestic hot water.

DHW shunt includes a three-way valve and actuator as well as connectors, nuts and a sensor DHW shunt and HEX includes heat exhanger, circulation pump, connectors and a sensor.

Wireless room sensor

The wireless room sensor allows you to read the room temperature quickly, accurately and effortlessly without installing cables or drilling into walls.

The delivery includes a base station and the room sensors. The measurements from the wireless room sensor are stored in the Gebwell Smart cloud.

Especially recommended for the buildings with big internal heat loads, such as fireplaces or in a properties with need to notify the external heat sources (sun, people, household appliances)

The room sensor is placed in a central location in the property to the main living space.

AMRanturi – Temperature and humidity sensor for the AMR Light base station

AMRLite – Wireless sensor and base station for the Gebwell CLI controller

Modbus RTU 902 communication module

Enables the transfer of data from the heat pump controller to the higher-level automation systems with the Modbus protocol.

  • Enables heat pump control with building automation
  • Each controller has its own Modbus Clip
  • Gebwell provides a list of Modbus parameters

External display for heat pump

A separate user interface display that can be attached to the wall of the technical area, for example. Installing the external display means that there is no need to remove the heat pump door when making adjustments.

The delivery includes the display and a cable.

Flow meter for the Gebwell CLI controller

The magnetic inductive flow sensor measures the energy produced for heat pumps with a Gebwell CLI controller.

The delivery includes connectors, seals and the sensor cable and its connectors.

ENEM7000 – suitable for: Aries, Taurus 110 EVI (de-superheater)
ENEM8000 – suitable for: T3 Inverter, Gemini Inverter
ENEM9000 – suitable for: Taurus Inverter Pro, Taurus 80 / 110 EVI