Pure heat

Carbon Exit – clean local energy

Carbon Exit – clean local energy for public-sector properties

Almost one-third of Finland’s greenhouse gas emissions arise from heating buildings. Municipalities are setting more and more ambitious targets for reducing emissions. At the same time, energy prices are rising in competition with the emission targets.
Gebwell has joined forces with other Finnish suppliers of clean local energy to combat greenhouse gas emissions. The Carbon Exit partnership has developed a comprehensive local energy solution that responds to the challenges set by municipalities and paves the way to a more energy-efficient, emission-free Finland. The members of the Carbon Exit network are Gebwell, Tom Allen Senera, St1 and Rototec.

Profitable and affordable local energy

Carbon Exit offers municipalities a way to transition to emission-free heating and cooling energy without any initial investments or maintenance concerns. Carbon Exit utilises smart local energy solutions – free energy from the land the building stands on, the exhaust air and the sun.
In addition to emission-reduction targets, the life-cycle model for the local energy solution also enables municipalities to meet their savings targets with ease.
The Carbon Exit partnership network designs, invests, builds, maintains and services the local energy plants. All the customer needs to pay is a fixed price for the energy. This risk-free life-cycle model provides our customers with a positive cash flow from the outset.