Effortlessness influenced the choice of ground source heating

Risto Markkula has lived in his current home for 11 years. The single-storey house that was built in the 1980s has a bit over 200 square metres of space to be heated.

The house’s boiler with a capacity of 2 cubic metres was previously heated with wood. When the residents in the house were away for longer periods of time, electric heating was used. Markkula says that wood heating was a lot of work, and in his retirement, it was much more convenient to use an effortless automatic system for heating. The effortlessness of the system was a big influence on the decision to purchase a ground source heating system.

According to Risto Markkula, the deciding factor in choosing the equipment supplier was that it was Finnish.

“It was pretty important that the equipment was supplied by a Finnish manufacturer”, Markkula says.

Markkula had heard encouraging assessments about the reliability of Gebwell’s equipment from an expert working for LVI Sioma Oy, a retailer of Gebwell equipment.

“Apparently it has had very few teething problems”, Risto Markkula says, justifying his choice.

Frost had no time to bite

Gebwell’s Qi ground source heat pump was installed in the house in the autumn of 2016. According to Markkula, the purchase went painlessly according to the turnkey principle.

“The installers came over and drilled a few holes. Then the pump and buffer accumulators were brought in. The installation went smoothly, and frost had no time to bite before we had ground source heating in the house”, Risto Markkula says.

“The installers came in the morning and left in the evening. The work caused no disturbances, and the end result was neat and clean”, Markkula says approvingly.

Smooth installation

What did Risto Markkula think of the end result?

“All in all, it was excellent. If the work of the installers and the transition into ground source heating go this well in all houses, you can’t say anything negative about a Gebwell project”, Risto Markkula commends the work.

According to Risto Markkula, the only bad thing about getting a ground source heat pump was that he had not gotten one earlier.

“I had considered getting ground source heating a few years ago, but I put the idea on the back burner at the time”, Markkula says.

Risto Markkula can warmly recommend a Gebwell ground source heat pump for everyone with water-circulating central heating. According to Markkula, in his case, the savings with heating costs were not the prime reason for getting ground source heating, it was the effortlessness.

“I’m sure that we can draw up a concrete cost comparison after we have lived with ground source heating for a whole year. But we’re already enjoying the effortlessness of ground source heating”, Markkula says.