Ground source heat a help in the life of a travelling worker

Eerik Hippi and his wife live in Nurmo in a detached log house built in the 1950s. In 2016, Hippi decided to switch to ground source heat for his house. The Hippi home has, in total, some 200 m2 of heated space.

Hippi reveals that the reason behind their heating system renewal was the ease of use of ground source heat.

“My work involves a lot of travel, and the house must maintain basic heating even if I am not at home,” Hippi explains the background for their new heating system.

The purchase of the pipe was made at the recommendation of a friend, as an acquaintance of Eerik Hippi works for the retailer, Valon vesi ja lämpö Oy.

”Good sale,” says Eerik Hippi.

Gebwell’s Qi ground source heat pump was chosen as the heat pump that best served the needs of the Hippi family.

All around a successful project

Hippi feels that the entire ground source heat project went over quickly and straightforwardly.

”After the ground source heat well was completed, the installers set up the equipment for the system. The entire project took just a few days,” says Eerik Hippi.

The accumulator and other equipment of the ground source heating system found their place in the old boiler room of the house. Heating the house is now done by radiator heating with water circulation and with underfloor heating in wet rooms.

Hippi says that the project was completed without problems and on schedule.

”There were no disruptions or delays during the project. Everything proceeded as agreed. The borers, plumbers and electricians all arrived on time,” Hippi says.

As the system was installed without problems and the delivery was a success, Eerik Hippi says he cannot complain about the result.

”We have had no lack of heating, and there is even no concern over warm water running out while in the shower,” Hippi commends.

After a year’s worth of experience with ground source heat, the Hippi family finds that the greatest advantage of the system is its ease of use. Since the system was implemented, they have not needed to worry much over its use.

”The system was set up and launched without a hitch. A little reading was required to operate the equipment, but after that the house has been heated without any trouble. I am very satisfied with Gebwell’s Qi ground source heating system,” Eerik Hippi says.

In fact, I have already recommended the Gebwell system to our neighbours, and they are likely to also switch to the ground source heating system,” Eerik Hippi explains.