Ground source heating came handily with the prefab home

Toni Oksman from Vantaa has lived for a year with his wife and children in their 2016-built single-family home. The house has about 134 m2 of heated space on two floors. Due to its location, ground source heat was the only viable heating alternative for the house, as neither district or direct electric heating were available for the family’s area of residence. Oksman’s prefabricated house from Kastelli came ready with Gebwell’s Qi ground source heat pump.

He admits having some initial doubts about the heat pumps.

“At first, I was nervous to see how things would go. I had heard stories of circulation pumps malfunctioning in some devices. It seems, however, that in such cases the pumps must have been from other manufacturers,” Oksman describes.

An unobtrusive and simple turnkey delivery

Oksman explains that the delivery of the ground source heating system was simple enough for him as the heating system and all its equipment came handily with the prefabricated house.

”I did not have much to do there. The ground source heat pump was delivered and a short while later already installed ready for use in the technical space of the house,” Toni Oksman sums up.

”The project went as planned and on schedule. The well was slightly moved from its original site. Due to this, the distance from the piping to the technical space was somewhat shortened,” Toni Oksman says.

Oksman says that the project was carried out smoothly and without delays.

”For myself, I have no complaints at all as the system was installed without a hitch. The boring and installation work took very little time to complete,” Oksman states.

The family has lived for a little over a year in their home with Gebwell Qi ground source heat pump heating. In that time, they have had only one instance of uncertainty over the pump’s operation, but even then the problem was solved with a single phone call and a reboot of the main power.

Toni Oksman is very satisfied with the result.

”The floor is heating nicely now once we learned to adjust the controls correctly. A Terawatti mechanic came over to crank up the settings and to provide some further training on the use of the control panel,” Oksman explains.

The family’s earlier experiences from heating systems involve air source heat pumps and direct electric heating, the heating methods of their previous home.

”Compared to before, the electricity bills have been fairly small. I believe that we are saving money every second,” Toni Oksman estimates.

Oksman has trust in Gebwell’s ground source heating system.

”I would even recommend the switch to ground source heat to my friends,” Toni Oksman states happily.