Heating costs kept under control with ground source heat

Markus Huttunen from Hamina chose ground source heat as the heating system for his new house, built in 2016. In addition to the 200-m2 house, the heating system of the property includes the storage/garage building with its 100 m2 of heated space. The room heights of both the house and the storage space are at points up to 4-5 metres, making the cubic volume of the heated spaces considerable. As a result, the heat pump also needed to have sufficient power and torque.

”Based on experience, I decided to go for ground source heat. “My previous apartments had direct electric or oil heating, which are quite expensive compared to ground source heat,” Huttunen describes the background for his choice.

According to Huttunen, the purchase of ground source heat went very smoothly.

“I called Toni Mänttäri at Kymen Energiatekniikka to ask for an offer, and soon enough the equipment and their accessories were delivered on site and the installation work begun,” Markus Huttunen replays the events.

Installation work almost unnoticeable

The house was equipped with a Qi 10 ground source heat pump with a 100-litre buffer tank and ground cooling. The installation was performed by local Gebwell retailer Kymen Energiatekniikka. Markus Huttunen gives particular praise to how effortless the project was.

”The retailer took care of everything with a turnkey delivery. In fact, all of the installation work was, pleasantly, fairly unnoticeable. Kymen Energiatekniikka handled everything splendidly, from implementing the system to teaching us on its use. There was not much left for us to worry about in the process,” Huttunen thanks.

He says that the results of choosing Gebwell’s ground source heating system have been excellent. The system has enough torque to heat the tall rooms of the four-member family’s home, and hot water has not run out.

”I have not regretted the pump for a second,” Huttunen says.

Low heating costs for large spaces

Markus Huttunen is thoroughly satisfied with the ground source heating system of his house and its lower costs.

”Our living is very inexpensive. So far, the costliest electricity bill was a tad over 200 euros during the coldest months,” he explains.

”The operating costs are very low. Installation of the system itself is somewhat costly, but the pump guarantees effortless and inexpensive heating. As long as you remember to pay the small electricity bill, there is no concern over whether the house is warm,” Huttunen sums up.

”Moreover, the system is very easy to use. I would recommend Gebwell’s ground source heating system to anyone living in a single-family house,” Markus Huttunen praises.