Linnovaara heats with the quiet Qi ground source heat pump

For Heikki Linnovaara in Iisalmi, ground source heat was the choice of heating system as early as during the construction of his 128-m2 house. In addition to the indoor spaces of the house, the garage is also heated. The Gebwell ground source heating system was installed to the completed house in February 2016.

Low operating costs the reason behind the choice

Linnovaara explains that his decision to go for ground source heat was primarily affected by its low operating costs. Furthermore, a representative of the Gebwell retailer Ylä-Savon Putki Oy had him convinced of the user-friendliness of the system.

”Low heating costs and ease of use were my reasons for choosing Gebwell’s Qi ground source heat pump,” Heikki Linnovaara explains.

Installed according to agreement

The ground on Linnovaara’s plot was exceptionally well-suited for the boring of a ground source heat well. A 180-metre deep well was bored for the pumping of ground source heat which is then conducted to the heating system in the house. After boring, the pumps, accumulator and other equipment were delivered and installed ready for use. The installation and implementation contractor was Ylä-Savon Putki Oy.

”In my opinion, the installation went very smoothly and according to our agreement. As I saw it, there were no issues along the way,” Linnovaara describes the project.

The house is installed with underfloor heating. According to Linnovaara, heat has been plentiful. The implemented heating system also includes a cooling feature with indoor units. The cooling feature can be used to adjust indoor air temperature in hot weather.

The quiet and easy-to-use ground source heat pump

How does Heikki Linnovaara feel about the result of the Gebwell ground source heat project?

”So far, there have been no major issues with the pump,” Linnovaara says. He admits that adjusting the temperature in the garage has been challenging at first, but is confident that help is on the way shortly.

Linnovaara states that he is satisfied with Gebwell’s customer service.

”I have called Gebwell and received excellent service and guidance,” Linnovaara describes his experience.

According to Linnovaara, heating costs with the ground source heating system have been relatively low, and the estimated electricity consumption of the system has remained at a reasonable level.

”I would gladly recommend the Qi ground source heat pump to anyone living in single-family houses, as it runs quietly and is effortless to use,” Heikki Linnovaara commends.