The effortless and silent Qi ground source heat pump is Nopanen’s choice

At the end of 2016 in the village of Klamila in the municipality of Virolahti, the single-family home built by Harri Nopanen was completed. The 164 m² house has a ground source heating system, which uses heat provided by a Gebwell Qi ground source heat pump. Nopanen says that they have had sufficient heat.

“Now that we have lived in this house for a year, I can say that the ground source heat pump has worked flawlessly,” says Nopanen.

Before the construction of his own house, Harri Nopanen had no previous experience with ground source heating. He used to live in a terraced house with direct electric heating, a fireplace and an air source heat pump. Nopanen had already decided to install a ground source heating system before the construction of his single-family home.

“I compared different heating methods and visited housing and construction fairs to learn about the possible options. There were many things in favour of installing a ground source heating system, such as the competitive price of heating energy and the ease of use. The positive experiences of many of my friends and relatives who had switched over to ground source heat also supported my decision,” states Nopanen, about his decision-making process.

Harri Nopanen asked several parties for a quote for the construction of a ground source heating system, and in the end, he chose Kymen Energiatekniikka Oy as the contractor.

“Toni Mänttäri from Kymen Energiatekniikka had good references, which is why I wanted him to install the ground source heating system in my house. It’s also good to be able to support young local entrepreneurs,” he says about his decision.

The ground source heating project was completed without any problems

When Harri Nopanen started building his home in the spring of 2016, he dreamed of moving into his new home by Christmas.

The construction started in April, and a ground source heat well was drilled on site in May. After this, the ground source heat pipes were laid and floor heating was installed. The Gebwell Qi 6 ground source heat pump was installed in the autumn, and the heat was switched on in October. Finishing touches were added and interior work was carried out in a house heated with ground source heat. As they had hoped, the Nopanen family were able to move into their new home before Christmas. The ground source heating project also went as planned.

“Everything from drilling to installation went exactly as planned. On the whole, everything was completed on time as agreed, and communications with the contractor went perfectly. There were no problems during the installation,” says Harri Nopanen.

“My own role as the customer was simple. The carpenter and the ground source heating contractor already knew each other from a previous project, and they worked extremely well together. I felt safe and free from worries during the process,” says Nopanen.

“Gebwell was a new company to me, but Toni from Kymen Energiatekniikka was able to guarantee and assure me that the company makes high-quality, durable equipment. It was important to find the quietest pump on the market, because the technical room is connected to the house, right behind the children’s bedroom wall,” Harri Nopanen explains.

A flawless ground source heating system with a single adjustment

Nopanen is happy with the results of his decision to install a ground source heating system.

“The house has stayed warm, and the pump works flawlessly. The domestic water resistor was adjusted once, and that has been enough to ensure sufficient heating and domestic water. A family like ours with children uses a certain amount of hot water, but we have had plenty for our needs,” says Nopanen. Our electricity bill is fairly small, even though we are heating a house this size. As I already guessed, the electricity bill has been reasonable,” Nopanen continues.

“I am happy to recommend Gebwell’s ground source heating for others, too. In fact, I already have. My cousin, who is also building a house, has selected a ground source heat pump by Gebwell, too. And the same contractor, Kymen Energiatekniikka, is also responsible for my cousin’s ground source heat contract,” says Nopanen.

“As a contented user of ground source heat myself, I wonder why a person wouldn’t want to install ground source heat in their own house, because I regard it as the only sensible heating method. Based on my own experience, I can say that Gebwell’s ground source heating system is truly effortless,” states Harri Nopanen.