The Pulkkinen family heats cheaply with the Qi ground source heat pump


Juha Pulkkinen from Oulu chose Gebwell’s ground source heating already in the construction phase of his house. Installation of the heating system began in December 2015, and the system was activated in full a few month later in March 2016. In addition to the residential building, the property has a heated garage and storage space for a total of 230 m2.

What were the requirements that lead to the choice of the ground source heating system?

“The most important reason behind the choice of heating system was the inexpensiveness of ground source heat. Its pricing is more independent of external factors than with district heating,” Juha Pulkkinen explains his choice.

A representative of Gebwell’s authorised retailer Terawatt Oy recommended Gebwell’s Qi ground source heat pump, and the family saw it as the best solution for their heating system.

”Another reason for our choice was the fact that Gebwell’s equipment is Finnish-made,” Pulkkinen explains.

A technically successful project

The ground source heat project included the design, installation and implementation of the system. Juha Pulkkinen says that the work carried out by the HVAC contractor proceeded smoothly. The bidder, Terawatt, was contracted to install the heating system.

Juha Pulkkinen feels that the end result of the delivery was excellent, even as a few hitches could not be avoided during the project. An electrician’s oversight had caused a screw to penetrate the plywood and come in contact with the feeder line, causing malfunctions to the system. However, once the cause of the problem was identified and corrected, the project came to a successful conclusion.

According to Pulkkinen, the space allotted to technical equipment could perhaps have been larger, but he is nonetheless pleased with the overall result.

“As a whole, the technical installation of the heating system was very successful,” Pulkkinen assesses.

No shortage of heat

After a year of use, Pulkkinen estimates that choosing ground source heat has reduced the family’s heating expenses.

“As I see it, ground source heat is significantly cheaper compared to district heating. I have been positively surprised by how easy the system is to use,” Pulkkinen states.

“In general, we have had no shortage of heat. Warm water has occasionally ran out for a while as our two young sons love to bathe and shower without regard for saving water,” Juha Pulkkinen laughs.

Who would Juha Pulkkinen recommend the Gebwell project?

“I would recommend the ground source heat project to anyone, as both its installation and use are effortless. The contractor takes care of the installation and implementation. Once things are rolling, the user does not even need to make adjustments to the system. The user manuals and guides are also very sufficient,” Pulkkinen describes.