Gebwell to build a new factory in Poland – aiming for strong international growth

Gebwell, a manufacturer of energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions for properties, is seeking strong growth in its operations by building a new factory to strengthen its competitiveness, especially on the international market. The factory to be established in Poland is a significant investment and the largest in terms of size since the first production properties built in Finland at the start of the company’s operations. The expansion will meet increased demand and enable production to be tripled in the future.

The Leppävirta-based company Gebwell is currently building a new production facility of approximately 4,600 square metres in Poland, where the company has had operations for over a decade in the form of a subsidiary employing more than 50 people. Now there is a need to increase production opportunities due to the growth achieved.

“The current demand requires expansion. Our goal as a company is to grow by more than 15% in the coming years, which requires new steps in operations. The acquired plot and the future factory, which can still be expanded further, will enable us to triple our current production capacity in Poland in the future”, CEO Janne Rahunen explains.

Gebwell is currently the second largest operator on the Polish market in district heating solutions, and the company has already established itself through its long-term operations. The scale of the new factory investment is almost EUR 4 million.

“Poland in itself has a good market that is worth investing in. In addition, thanks to its central location and skilled workforce, it offers favourable conditions to operate heating solutions for the growth-relevant Central European market as well”, Rahunen adds.

New factory to produce products primarily for Poland and Europe
Construction of the factory has already begun and production in Poland is scheduled to start in early spring 2022. Production will initially be handled by existing staff in Poland, with recruitment opened later as needed.

The new factory will not affect operations in Finland and domestic production will continue as normal. However, if necessary, the Polish factory can also support the growth of the domestic market by means of remote production.

“The location of the new factory plays an important role from the point of view of freight logistics as well. In Poland, supplies are delivered to the local factory in a couple of days, while when ordering to Finland, the delivery times for supplies are in practice from one to up to almost two weeks. Going forward, this will of course be a key competitive advantage when it comes to more international growth”, Rahunen says.

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