Taurus commercial scale heat pumps receive EPD eco-labels

An important goal for us as a provider of clean heating is to mitigate climate change and promote sustainable development. We already contribute to climate change prevention with our heat pumps and district heating substations, which provide an environmentally friendly alternative for the heating and cooling of properties.

We want to showcase the environmental impact of our products over their entire life cycle. For this reason, we have decided to prepare EPD declarations for our key products. Our Taurus property heat pump is the first to receive the declaration.

The EPD is a so-called Type III Environmental Declaration, which is based on a life cycle assessment and verified and audited by a third party. The EPD describes the environmental impact and resource use of our Taurus heat pumps all the way from the procurement of raw materials and components to their transportation to our factory, assembly into the finished product, and delivery to the end customer. It also considers the reuse, recycling, and disposal of the product at the end of its service life.

EPDs enable the comparison of the environmental impacts of two products performing the same function, all the way from manufacturing to end-of-life recycling. EPDs can award extra points in the BREEAM and LEED assessments of buildings.

Download the Environmental Product Declaration

Read more about the EPD here