Taurus 110 EVI Heat Pump

NEW PRODUCT! A tandem heat pump with two compressors for heating large properties.

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Taurus 110 EVI is a tandem heat pump with two EVI compressors and a controller with IoT features.

Taurus 110 EVI Heat Pump is an excellent choice for heating large properties. The heating output of the pump is high even at high condensation temperatures. The compressor recovers excess heat from the fluid line, which is then used to vaporise the refrigerant into the compressor’s low pressure block. Taking advantage of the high vaporisation temperature of the high temperature provides better efficiency. Economizer’s performance improves at higher condensation temperatures.

Data from the IoT controller that is stored in the cloud service are used in system development. The data stored in the cloud service enables adjusting heating based on weather forecasts, and learning the thermal capacity and the heating/cooling behaviour of a certain property, for example.

Furthermore, the cloud service enables remote updating of the controller software and monitoring and controlling the system online using a browser-based Gebwell Smart Control Hub.

  • Made in Finland
  • Reliable and easy to maintain
  • Tandem heat pump with two EVI compressors
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Brazed heat exchangers
  • Top efficiency with partial loads
  • Controller with IoT features
  • Learning and evolving system
  • Monitoring and control also remotely from Gebwell Smart Control Hub

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  Taurus 110 EVI
Power values (according to EN 14511)
Heating capacity (0/35 ja 0/50) kW 93,6 and 95,3
Cooling capacity (0/35 ja 0/50) kW 74,1 and 68,0
Input power (0/35 ja 0/50) kW 20,9 and 29,1
COP (0/35 ja 0/50) 4,5 and 3,3
-Power values stated at temperatures 0°/35° and 0°/50°
Heating water maximum output temperature °C 0/+65 – +68 from condenser
Operational temperature, collector °C -5…+20
Built-in heating pump yes, with frequency converter
Built-in source pump yes, with frequency converter
Compressor Scroll (EVI)
Compressors pcs 2
Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases yes
Hermetically sealed yes
Refrigerant R410A
GWP (global warming potential) 2088
Refrigerant amount kg 9.8
CO2 equivalence ton CO2 e 20,462
Sound effect level dB 52-58
Depth x widht x height mm 1300 x 700 x 1860
Weight kg 700